Service Introduction

mrhost offers expert revenue management services with extensive experience in OTAs operations. We have successfully assisted hospitality partners in Malaysia, China, Taiwan, Japan, Thailand, Vietnam, Cambodia, and Greece, optimizing accommodation revenue.

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OTA Management

Increase orders by 35%

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Dynamic Pricing

Boost off-season orders by 26%

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Direct Booking Increase

Reduce OTAs commission by 22%

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Reservation Manager

Save 30 hours monthly

Set up within 1 week

Collaborating with our back-office reservation manager and your front desk team enhances OTA traffic and bookings, building your own independent brand.

Step 1:Get in touch with us for a free consultation
Step 2:Our consultants set rate according to market demand
Step 3:Start getting online bookings and see revenue increase
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Improve performance

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With our revenue management teams taking care of the back-office, property owner can focus on delivering delightful experiences to their guests
  mrhost Competitors
Only 3.5 % service fee. No Deposit and hidden fees.
Monthly contract. Easy to start and end.
Free integration with OTAs
Partner Stories
D3 Classic B&B
Yilan, Taiwan
  • OTAs Management:Weekday occupancy increased by 64%.
  • Dynamic Pricing:OTAs orders increased by 153%.
  • Reservation Manager:Handles complex platform settings.
Qingjing 31 B&B
Nantou, Taiwan
  • Increase in direct bookings:The share of direct bookings reaches 78%.
  • Dynamic pricing:Off-season revenue up by 54%.
  • Platform management:Overall orders increased by 9.2%.
Qingdai Homestay
Hangzhou, China
  • Multilingual marketing attracts guests from around the world, increasing orders by 35%.
  • mrhost boosts off-season bookings significantly, growing revenue by 26%.
  • A dedicated booking manager helps with platform management, effectively enhancing guest reviews.
Beimen WOW Poshtel
Taipei, Taiwan
  • Dynamic pricing boosts occupancy to 92%.
  • OTAs management enables better pricing strategies.
  • A dedicated booking manager ensures new staff quickly adapt.


mrhost charges a service fee of 3.5% per order, after deducting the platform commission, for bookings made through OTAs or the official website.

Contact us for a free consultation. We will discuss pricing strategies, platform plans, and module installations within a week, followed by contract signing.

Fees start from the day after signing the contract. For example, if you sign on January 10th, orders with a check-out date on or after January 11th will incur a service fee.

You must pay service fees in the following cases:
1. Confirmed bookings where the guest has checked out and paid.
2. Non-refundable bookings, regardless of actual stay.
3. Partially refundable bookings.
4. No-shows where you still charge the guest.
5. Cancellations after the free cancellation period.

No service fees are charged in these cases:
1. No charge to the guest, such as free cancellations.
2. Marking the booking as a no-show with waived fees on the platform.
3. Bookings made directly at the hotel reception.
4. Direct bookings via phone to the hotel reception.
5. Bookings made through travel agencies or groups.

The monthly invoice is based on the previous month's total orders. We issue statements and e-invoices by the 2nd of each month, including all orders with check-out dates in the previous month. For example, a stay from January 31st to February 1st will be billed in March. If there are no-shows, notify mrhost within 14 days to receive an updated invoice.

mrhost uses the check-out date as the basis for service fees. For example, if you sign on January 10th, orders with a check-out date on or after January 11th will incur a service fee. If you terminate the contract on October 1st, orders with a check-out date on or after October 2nd will not incur a service fee.

Notify your dedicated account manager 30 days in advance to terminate the service. Orders with check-out dates from the day after termination will not incur service fees.

mrhost does not collect fees from guests. You need to collect the room charges directly or through the booking website.
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